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Welcome to Belegningsteknikk AS.

Belegningsteknikk AS execute surface treatment with xylan on steel for the whole country within: Offshore, Food industry, Motor industry, The Army, Pharmaceutical and Aircraft industry.

Our surface treatment happens through processes like: Degreasing, blastcleaning, phosphating and coating. We coat with Xylan, Everslik and Molykote. Our procedures, based on our customers' specifications, including: C81001, C81007, C81005, C81006, Sup-0000002, Sup-0000011, C-149, C-156, C-164 og C-172.

We perform assignments for:


Food industry

Motor industry

The Army


Aircraft industry

Belegningsteknikk A/S has:

Educated Workers

Frosio III Inspektors



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