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Surface Treatment

We execute surface treatment with "PolyTetraFluoroEthylene"(PTFE). Xylan contains PTFE, and is a coating with very low frictioncoefficient. Xylan is resistant to most of the chemical compositions and have a very good protection against corrosion.

Our production is process controlled, through our own and/or after our customer process disciption. We have designed our own quality system which protect our customers requirements and give us a good contol with the various operations.

It is important for our company to have a good atmosphere at work, which can be shown in our HSE system.

Concepts around Surface Treatment:

Xylan, PTFE, Corrosion, Blast cleaning, phosphating, degreasing, Molykote, Ever Slik, Frosio III, Inspection, NORSOK M-501, Rust, Wet paint, Roughness, Microns, Molybdenum Disulfide, MoS2, Iso Standard, Polyurethane, aluminum, Glass Blasting, Steel, Inconel , SA3, Rust Grades, Surface, Primers.

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